The Entertaining Speaker

Conference planners turn to Dale Obrochta when they need a fun Speaker who knows how to twist a message into a presentation. Our goal is to provide the highest quality speeches to businesses resulting in a fun, educational meeting.

Dale Logos SpeakingThe Six Reasons Why Dale Obrochta, Should Speak at Your Meeting

Dale creates tubular latex art on stage to illustrate and drive home key points.

2. PROFESSIONAL: Skillfully presentation that twists together education content with humor.

3. CLEAN: The program is a clean language and business professional.

4. TARGETED: The focus is on the audience’s benefit and not an inflated ego-driven presentation.

5. EDUCATED: Dale has a Masters Degree in Communication and Training

6. RELAXING: You get to enjoy a stress-free service as a veteran entertainer orchestrates the presentation, leaving you to focus on the big picture.

Use your next meeting to inspire, educate, and entertain a result-driven message about improving one’s image and reducing the negative stereotypes associated with your industry. 

60-minutes just ticked by and your audience is still fascinated and listening intensely. Giggles of laughter echo around the room as educational anecdotes drive home the theme of the event. Intertwined in these stories is visual art that captivates the audience and propels concepts in ways that your audience has ever dreamed possible.

With every tool extracted from his bag, people are brought to the edge of their seats in anticipation; laughter is heard with each joke. Every sculpture presented is a compliment to your great idea of hiring this unique speaker.

“Everyone was thoroughly entertained, and the way you brought the visual art of balloons twisting into your presentation was great!” – Gurnee Chamber of Commerce.

“His presentation is a wild, uninhibited, fast-moving experience that put a smile on the faces of the advertising team.” -Brad Hanahan, Daily Herald 

“Dale mixes imaginative humor and playful banter into his presentation. Like all great speakers, he made it look easy.– Tina Schwartz, Children’s Author

“You held the attention of our membership for the longest period of time I have witnessed” – Rotary Club of Westmont Program Chair

 Intertwining the Message with Art

“We wear our image like a peacock wears its feathers,” says Dale, as he intertwines long colorful balloons to help establish his point about how social interaction helps develop your “perceived” image. The visual art captivates the audience’s attention while making key points memorable.

 Education, Entertainment, Experience are all twisted together.

“Dale kicked off our business meeting with a creative presentation that inspired members to protect their image. It was a pleasure to watch his passion and creativity as he explained the pitfalls that arise when one is not cognitive of their environment. He was perfect for this holiday meeting session” – Steve Cieslica, Project Manager, Trotter, and Associates, Inc